Rainfall mismatch

Yesterday, with a tropical depression overhead I saw the rainfall total to be 5.43" of rain around mid-day on the tempest website. Looking at the data that was sent to Wunderground, the total rainfall reported yesterday was 8.43 inches. However, when I go to the tempest website today and look at the history for total rainfall yesterday, it’s showing 4.21" of rain yesterday total.

How is it that during the day and what was reported over the course of the day yesterday to Wunderground is so hugely different when looking at the recorded history on Tempest’s page?

I can only upload one embed per post, here’s the tempest website:

What do you see if you turn off Rain Check?

Ah, that is it. Turning raincheck off shows 8.62" in the history. That is a pretty huge deviation. I’m surprised that the station measured just over double the rainfall in the area. It would be nice if, instead of replacing the value, rain check was shown adjacent to the measured rainfall as a comparison.

As a fun anecdote to go with it: Some of the neighbors chose not to get soaked collecting their garbage cans from the street. When they did collect them, there was more than 8 inches of water that they had to pour out, rather conveniently aligning with what the station actually measured.