Rainfall Accumulation showing 0 for today but it rained 17 minutes?

Wet outside.
Not sure why after a month of using the Tempest, I am now getting inaccurate rain information
Any idea how to troubleshoot or is this fixed in the upcoming Tempest FW update?
2 other neighboring Weatherflow stations reporting similar results.

It looks like there isn’t enough rain accumulation for it to round up to 0.01" yet. I’ve asked in the past for a Trace reading in these cases but it hasn’t been implemented.

That’s exactly what’s going on: if it doesn’t round up to at least 0.01", it will show 0.00". We need to add that “Trace” exception to the apps!! Be sure to vote on @gizmoev’s feature request: Add T or trace to the rain accumulation


As a followup, I assume the intensity is in per hour, so if there is say at least .1 inches per hour for ~30 I would expect a .05 of total accumulation…is there something else happening behind the scenes?

That is correct. Each time period displayed is adjusted to an hourly rate.