Raincheck Not Updating?

We had a large amount of rain yesterday and overnight. It’s almost noon and raincheck hasn’t updated the amounts yet. I checked in the app to ensure raincheck was on and it was. Am I missing something? I thought it was supposed to update around 8am EST each day. It used to but this is the first time I’ve noticed it not updating.

It seems like the more rain I have throughout the day or more varied it is, the longer it takes for RainCheck to show up. Yesterday we had what I call a soaker rain most of the day and my CoCoRaHS collected 1.55" of rain. RainCheck is still not available and it is nearly 0900. Maybe this is a significant amount of rain time to calculate and cross check with all the sources involved.

vtyler98 : raincheck ran on your data (late, way to late and no I have no clue why but it did) It was around 17:15 UTC

Gizmoev : for you unsure what happened but it didn’t apply anything seems. I’ll try to get more details if possible.

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