RainCheck Logo Besides Today’s Rain

I’m curious to know why the RainCheck logo is besides the today’s rainfall total?

Looks like that may have just started? I haven’ t noticed it that way before. I’ve observed it as just the Rain (with no icon) and yesterday’s rain WITH the icon.

I normally run with rain check off, but, I turned it on and I see the same thing. And, turning it on did change the number for today. So, either it is a bug, or, they have started doing rain check more often than once a day just for the previous day. Just my guess.

It used to look like this. . . at least thru early morning (sunrise time).


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I was wondering the same thing and came here just for that. I wonder if it’s now happening throughout the day instead of just the next day? If so, that’s a big deal and I’d think there would have been some news about it in an update post.

I just sampled a station near my mother-in-law’s house in Colorado Spring, CO. . .and his rain looks like this: i.e. NO Double image


His rain for today was None. . .as in. . . [no rain check icon at the top]


But. . .mine (and several other stations too!) looks like this. . .


and. . .with a rain check icon at the top. . .as in. . .

Perhaps one of the “tech-gurus” can help us out with an explanation?

Mine is still “normal” so either it is a bug or it is regional.

Just for reference

Are all these screenshots taken on phones or also on webpage ???

I didn’t hear about a change but I will forward this internally (expect reply tomorrow :wink: )

I see this on both the Android app and the webpage.

Hi may be I have a problem. I just had a look at my station and some of the one’s around the area and could not see the icon in either view.
Is rain check only working in some countries. I did have a look at a station in the USA and found the icon. I do have it enabled in the app.
Thanks in advance.

RainCheck is Continental USA for now, not in Australia nor Europe nor Asia …
Toggling it on has no use for us as at this point.


Thank you, that’s a bummer. I’m in Australia.

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I see it on both web page and the IOS app.

More details to come, not sure when though.


My screenshot came from the webpage. Let me know if you hear anything.

Hello, I’m pleased to see raincheck somehow has changed to being on all the time compared to coming on the next morning, if this is the new way it will work then I’m all in. This way rain check corrects the amount of rain as it is happening and keeps it under control when my amounts are getting away on the high side. I must admit this new way is working for me.

Having light to misting rain now and real time RainCheck is showing better totals (higher) than with it off. A bit of a time delay compared with my electronic tipper, but nice to have lighter rain accounted for.

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where are you located?

An interesting difference between RainCheck “Today” and “Yesterday” values for rain totals of the same day. With rain ending early yesterday, the RC “Today” remained 0.29in for the rest of the day. The RC “Yesterday” seen this morning, which I assumed would show yesterday’s final “Today” value, moved up to 0.45in, almost matching my tipping bucket and 4in manual gauge at 0.50in. Still, RainCheck “Today” did a far better job with light/misty rain compared to no RC at 0.01in. Guessing there’s still some fine tuning going on with this new feature.



It as though they are using other verification data, like COCORAHS data, to adjust the tempest rain values.

For example… my tempest shows .56" for yesterday when I looked at it at 8 AM today. I entered my COCORAHS total for yesterday of .77" at 10 AM and now my tempest display is showing .76" instead of .56".

I think they are using cocorahs data and perhaps other station data (with tipping buckets) that report online.