Raincheck errors

Hello can anyone tell me if rain check effects previous days amounts, once you are in a different month? If I use rain check it wants to go back and alter or change past amounts instead of just fixing the day I’m concerned with. So hoping at least it wouldn’t do that once you go to another month it would leave the past months alone. This seems like it needs to be fixed or what’s the use trying to just correct a certain day? Help

raincheck corrects the previous day’s information.

Then why is it going back many days in the same month and putting those adjustments back in as well, if I take raincheck off then those amounts go back to a different number? Weird

Because those days were previously set.

That’s what I thought I’m trying to only do days I’m sure need correcting or a false reading that’s my fault when working on my tripod to get it secure from the wind. Otherwise I want to get away from rain check. I have issues so far when it rained very heavy tempest can’t keep up so I wonder if that will always be the case in the summer months.

RainCheck is more of a displayed or not displayed sort of thing. Your data isn’t actually changed on the WF servers, just what is displayed.