Rain yesterday not corresponding to today's values from the day before

We hab a lot of heavy rain yesterday which results in 8.4mm measured sumary

But today
The value for yesterday in the “Now” tab is only 0.1mm :

indeed a bug

I wonder if this isn’t related to the 29th being only once every 4 year. My best guess 0.1 is the total for 28th …
I’ll ping techs about it tomorrow if they don’t hop in here before :slight_smile:

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You are right, 0.1 was the sum of the 28th…

Just checked mine and they did use 29th for yesterday … weird … let’s see what the developers can find

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It could have been the amount I had was lower but mine read zero on the card and history but the graph showed 0.11". The Tempest values were correct, however. Note that even the RainCheck values disagree.

In my (as wekl as eric’s) site rain check isn’t available until now…
Getting even more wired…

For what it is worth, mine was 6.8mm on 29th, and is correctly listed as 6.8mm on the Now page. UK, so no rain check either.

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Looks like mine is fine too (UK). Seems like the server has fallen over in some places and not others

Thanks, guys. We believe there’s an “end of month” bug that bites a few stations each month. It doesn’t affect everyone and we don’t think it’s a leap year thing - we’re trying to track it down.