Rain totals (numerical) by

Is it possible to have a numerical rain total by week, month, quarter, or year (selectable). The provided graph doesn’t really do it - I’d like to track totals in numbers more than just what reads as today and yesterday. A selectable range would be nice.

That is all in the History tab.

Understood, but that tab doesn’t address what I was asking. What I’m looking to see is, say it rained 2.0 inches last week then 0.50 this week. Then various amounts for the next several weeks. Id like to be able to filter that numerical data visually in maybe a card and ultimately see something like - weekly, monthly quarterly , annually with visual pre-calculated numbers, not what I call a sliding graph like what is displayed in the history tab - it doesn’t total the amounts over time.

@gizmoev Something like this. - As you can see the numerical data is empty. This is a Home Assistant card I was trying to create to fill in the numerical information.


I’m not sure what history tab you are looking at because what I see only shows numerical data and no graphs. You can get graphs from the card view, of course. I’m talking about the History tab.

Then pick your interval and date.

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My apologies, I do see that (now). I guess my question would be how can I extract that data to a card, so I can use it in my Home Assistant dashboard, similarly to the way it’s displayed in the history tab in Tempest.