Rain Snow Forecasts (amount)

Tempest does a great job of forecasting WHEN it will rain, but there’s no indication of the amount of rain expected. Weather Underground, Accuweather, Weather Channel, NWS, etc all forecast a rain amount.

Feature 1: Rain forecasts should have a cumulative AMOUNT (in mm or inches) estimated.

Feature 2: NWS uses snowfall ratios (typically ranging 10:1 to 20:1) based on temp and humidity to convert rain forecasts to snow accumulation forecasts. Tempest should utilize these available (public) ratios, to forecast snowfall amounts once they include rainfall amounts. Quick info link: What Are Snow Ratios?

It’s been a year+ since I’ve seen a feature release and the last one I can recall was cosmetic. Users / owners need to push Weatherflow to enhance the functionality of the station / app.


if that is going to happen, there first has to be a forecast for the amount of rain, which currently there isn’t.

@sunny that’s why I included “Feature 1” “rain forecasts should have a cumulative AMOUNT”

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Weatherflow has pretty much reached its zenith. Nothing has really changed in 5 years.

@pcapaccio I’m not saying you are wrong. But this is a forum for feature requests / suggestions.