Rain sensor stopped working

Hello support. I woke up today to the same problem, good steady rain, sensor not reporting it. How are you able to check battery status and sensor status?

Thanks in advance.

Can you let us know your station ID so we can see the data you are receiving?

Your Tempest is loosing power and you are near empty. It is now in latest safe mode that disables haptic sensor etc.

I just had a look comparing voltage en solar radiation and my best guess, it is not charging correctly. Not much we can do more here, please open a ticket with support and they will double check and take action.

Station ID is 22285. I also noticed others posting graphs of their battery voltage status. I cannot find or do not have that option available.

Thanks, Ken

go to settings/stations/select your station/advanded/Show Battery card.

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Okay. Show Battery Card. Got it. Thanks


I have the same problem. Battery low. Will try to find some better location for the sensor.

Same here raining but no readings

Welcome to the forum, @john4. What is your Station ID or the link to your station?

If I say Tempest is at 2.36V ?? Rings a bell ? It didn’t see a single day with more then 200W/m^2 since launch. It is depleted and in power saving mode and will go offline soon.
When there is a sunny day, it catches direct sun or is it mostly in shade ? It needs direct sunlight (especially winter months)

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Station ID ST-00018092



The number you posted is the serial number for your tempest. There is a link at the top of this page in the SUPPORT menu to find Station ID. image
It can also be seen in the Status page for your station and will look like this example from one of my stations. image

Please can someone tell me the voltage at which the haptic sensor stops?

Or is it not the same on all devices?

Mine seems to be at 2.36V, and has just stopped registering rain.

It is not actually facing North as it should be, so I will fix that, which will hopefully keep it more charged.


If the voltage dips to 2.355 the haptic sensor stops, and the lightning sensor stops. Basically the unit kind of wakes up every 5 minutes and does a measurement. In between those measurements it powers down as much as possible, so those sensors cannot work. However there is some hysteresis build in. The voltage has to rise to 2.375 before it increases the sampling rate and turn the sensors on.
So your unit might indicate 2.36V but with a bit of noise on that measurement, it might have been 2.355 or lower for a brief moment. That’s when it turned this mode3 power save on.
When the unit is charging it might show 2.36V but it didn’t reach 2.375V yet, so it still is in mode 3 until it reaches 2.375V

I see there are a number of issues with the Rain Sensor? Mine was working ok for the first two weeks and has since then not registered any rain. I have been waiting for a good steady down pour to see if that made any difference and today there was a heavy downpour for a few hours early morning to mid morning. This should have registered something but checking the logs there is nothing reported, This has been the case since the 27th of December 2020…

What is your battery voltage? When the Tempest enters its most aggressive power saving mode, the rain sensor is automatically disabled.

What’s the voltage on your Tempest? If it is below 2.36v the haptic rain sensor is disabled (see https://help.weatherflow.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050050673-Tempest-Troubleshooting-Device-Observations-Measurements-Data- )

It has been fluctuating between 2.35V and 2.36V at the moment we are in dead winter. They guys and gals at Weatherflow also suggest the sensor has been disabled because of a lack of sunshine. Thanks guys for also confirming this much appreciated!!
They also mentioned a power booster which will be available in the near future for people with a similar problem…