Rain sensor is stuck

this must be you https://youtu.be/fruk7vLF_cw?t=10 (still having fun)

I mean 44 inches of water is quite a bit in the last two days, so that is very much possible :smiley:

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Just an update. WeatherFlow is sending me a replacement device with a return label for the faulty one. I’ll keep this thread updated if I hear anything back from them on what went wrong, which I probably won’t.

Did they send you scuba tanks and a dry suit, too?

44" of measured rainfall means you got the secret “WaterFlow” Tempest!


I think only a snorkel and a mask :frowning:

Alright, I’m back online with a new Tempest


Shipped the old one back to WeatherFlow, hopefully they figure out what went wrong with it.

Is there any way to purge the false rain data for those several days?

Maybe submit a request to support otherwise delete all data but then you lose all the history.

yeah I was hoping to only delete those couple of 20+ inch of rain days. Rest can stay

It’s messing up my stats thresholds so seeing any rain less than an inch is virtually impossible.

zoom in as far as you can. It helps a bit, but it is unfortunate that we can’t scale it manually. Personally I prefer the rain-rate graph. (available from the top left menu of this graph or any other graph)

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It looked normal before the false 26 inches of rain came about lol. It would just graph based on the daily high in the normal ranges (not 26 inches lol)

The higher zoom levels will start to look normal again in a couple of days /weeks, when the wrong data isn’t in view of that particular zoom level anymore.

That’d be great. This Tempest seems to perform as expected as of now, will keep this thread updated if anything comes up.