Rain sensor is stuck

Is there a way to restart the device remotely? The rain sensor is stuck indicating it’s raining out and it hasn’t rained in 3 hours. There are no birds near by, no vibrations, clear skies, and the wind conditions are calm.


Currently only support can issue a remote reboot. Given the backlog of cases they have and their reduced availability while evacuated for California’s wildfires pulling it down and switching it off manually is your best bet.

Maybe @eric can send the reboot command.

It’s normal now. I wonder if there’s a debug log they can access to figure out what went wrong. 4 hours of false rain readings.

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting false rain notifications and readings frequently. Like literally standing outside in the back yard on a partly cloudy, super low speed wind day and my phone notifies me that it’s raining at my house as I’m looking at the Tempest with nothing going on around it.

Alright, I’ve had enough. Looking to return the Tempest unless someone can provide any insight on what I might be doing wrong.

There are no vibrations, no movement, it’s mounted on a solid rod and buffered with electrical tape, there’s nothing around it, but it constantly thinks and notifies me about this phantom rain.

It’s been sunny/partly cloudy all day but the tempest is indicating that it’s been raining moderately for hours. Absurd.

Have you already opened a ticket with support for this ?
They will help diagnose and eventually change the unit if needed.

Also is the gap between the sensors clean ? Sometimes little nasty animals take it as a nice shelter (and I don’t talk about a little spider)

Isn’t the rain read by the haptic sensor on top?

As you see, there hasn’t been an inch of rain outside today lol

yep indeed, tired … so yes mixed with wind problems. In any case open a support ticket as I rebooted your station and it continues, so this smells like a HW problem we can’t help pity enough.
If confirmed by CS, they will send you a new unit. Just a little patience as today it is holiday your side of the ocean.

Now it’s starting to rain and it still says moderate rain, so I’m not sure if the reboot helped or not due to it actually raining lol

Is there a way to add an ability for us to be able to reboot our own devices?

I did submit the ticket, I guess I was expecting someone from the support team to be monitoring these forums from when I posted the initial issue but I guess they don’t.

Except manually go push the led on the device, no way to remotely reboot except support and me on forum.

Support has already hands full with handling the tickets and can’t monitor the forum though they would like to. Guess they will resume once the load comes back to nominal. Also the forum isn’t a handy tool for follow up with +12k live stations. A forum doesn’t have all the bells and whistles Zendesk has.

It’s still at it. Even though it only rained for about 5-10 mins after you restarted the device.

Today I’ve lost the UV readings and it’s still “pouring” outside.

Also found this on the status screen

time to physically inspect the unit. put it inside for a moment, reboot and see how it behaves. If every fails, contact support (link at top of this page)

I created a ticket the other day, yesterday I think. I linked them to this thread so they can get the latest update for whenever they get to my ticket.

So now it’s inside, I shut it off for a while, wiped it down, and turned it back on. Here are the results.

it’s now pouring in my office :smile:

o no, please leave the door open to drain the water :smile:

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it must be registering my tears of disappointment :smiley:


Give it a good hit on top five or six times and see what it records.

I mean at this point having a multi-sensor failure, I’ll let the support decide on what the next best thing to do is lol

soon, I’ll be knee deep in my office :smile:

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3 days, no response from WeatherFlow on the support ticket.

Does anyone want to come swimming at my new indoor pool? Lol