Rain seem off (auto-calibration system not yet deployed)



Just installed mine yesterday, Last night it rained. My Sky recorded 8.74" while most other stations showed 1.3"
Just an FYI since I read this entire thread and I know you’re working on it. 4834 is the id.
Mounting is a 14’ Steel 1.325 gas pipe attached to a steel shed.
BTW I love this thing,
Weather Geek Chuck


that makes me feel good – I was one of a few non-beta testers to get my SKY first – ive had trouble with rain measurement – ive had bout 2 rain events - however very slight rain events – going 6 months or longer and only getting 0.30 of rain — may take months or years to calibrate the rain measurements


My first rain event and I netted out 1.81(over a 30 minute TStorm) Higher by one inch over the surrounding PWS.

No false readings since installed 1week ago


Photos of Sky and Installation

Hi Chad. I moved your comment from the photos thread to this one. See above for lots of thoughts! We’re actively addressing this issue and appreciate your observations and patience while that goes on. Expect some odd rain totals in the short term that will get better over time.


Thanks much! I realized I double posted


Here’s my station. Two rain events 1.51 and 1.81. (Local reports .3 and .4) Haven’t done the sand and bicycle tire just yet. Sky was moved about 100 feet to the left of this picture to avoid any interference.


So… I know there are plenty of topics on this, so my point isn’t to beat a dead horse on this topic. I just thought I would show my graph data from my first rain event this evening. It basically rained according to the sky at a rate of just over 1" per hour but only rained for 12 minutes. The total was 1.07" which clearly is too high. I don’t have another gauge that I was able to compare it to other than radar estimates. Anyway, I just wanted to see if the calibration was going to come in a firmware update, or if there was something specifically needed for my station? Also, you may be capturing this data automatically from all stations and analyzing it, but if not, here is some more data for you to look at. I love this product and look forward to seeing some of the minor kinks worked out of it soon.



Rain calibration is not yet out to the large public. Just a few testers have it (no not me :wink: )

WF will tell when they roll it out to all.

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The calibration updates will come in the form of firmware updates and backend updates to the rain component of the continuous learning system. Nothing you need to do specifically, but you’re welcome to continue posting your observations here!


Hello, we installed Sky last week and today was our first good rain event.

Sky measured 3.25 inches.
Our CoCoRaHS gauge measured 0.92 inches.

Looking forward to improved Sky calibration -10


First I would like to just comment on the hardware itself. I installed yesterday and it is a very well built product. We had our first rain event since getting it up. The sky reported almost identical precipitation amounts as my other rain gauge until the rain got large in size. It really started to take off and eventually doubled what other should have been. Rain gauge .3 inches sky reported .6


As often mentioned - I too am overall impressed with the system and software. We had another nice rain event here today with the following results;

Sky measured 1.6 inches.
Our CoCoRaHS gauge measured 0.61 inches.


I installed my Smart Weather station, several months ago. Most features seem to work great, but the precipitation readings are way off. I’m in Central Texas (USA) and we have experienced a drier than normal late-Spring / Summer; so I have had limited opportunities to monitor rain events. The first several times that I received rain; I noticed that my weather station was reporting far greater levels of rainfall than other local reports. I live two miles away from the San Antonio Airport (SAT); which is where the local NOAA weather station is based. My readings have been consistently higher than the officially recorded rainfall. I have also compared my recordings against the 24-hour accumulated rainfall readings from weather.com and surrounding weather stations via Weather Underground. The readings I get from my Smart Weather station are approximately two to three times higher than what all other sources indicate.

I recently set up some crude rain gauges; using some relatively straight-sided food canisters and a stainless steel pot. I have placed them outside; whenever a significant storm is a forecast. These are placed in wide-open areas; where Trees and structures are unlikely to reduce the amount of rain collected. Depending upon the intensity and duration of the storm; I am physically recording rainfall that is one-half to one-third of what my Smart Weather station reports. (I am using calipers to measure the depth of the rain in each container.)

Tonight, we had a brief storm; during which my station recorded, just under 1.5 inches of rain. I brought in one of my rain collectors and obtained a physical measurement of just 1/2 inch.

I do not know if this problem is due to hardware or if it is related to the sampling rate and computational errors, but it represents a serious problem with the most critical (for me) function of the entire system. I am attaching a screenshot of tonight’s storm readings. One important note, regarding local rainstorms, is that the rate of rainfall is highly “Fluid.” Mere seconds may separate a period of very light rainfall and torrential rains at a rate of several inches/hour. This may fluctuate constantly, over several hours. It is for this reason, that I believe that the issue may be related to the rainfall sampling rate.

I obviously want to assist, in any way that I reasonably can, to correct this issue, for myself and all other users. Any suggestions by other owners and Weatherflow, to help determine the source of these erroneous readings is appreciated.


Well, the storm resumed; while I was typing up the previous post. My Smart Weather station is now reporting a total of 8.37 inches of Rain. Weather.com’s accumulated rainfall indicates approximately 1.5 Inches and the median reading of nearby P.W.S’s is around 3 inches.

While I’m not an “Official” calibration tester; I just purchased a fairly decent rain gauge via Amazon. (See Pics.) With a series of tropical storms, starting up; we’re forecast to get several storms over the next 1-2 weeks. The gauge is scheduled for delivery tomorrow (I do love the free same-day / next day Amazon Locker delivery option); I plan to set this up ASAP and will report my ongoing readings from my Smart Weather station and this gauge. (Dual Cylinder, 1" internal tube, plus an additional 10" on the external overflow tube.)



FYI, that’s a standard 4" Stratus rain gauge, as used by CoCoRaHS. Every serious weather geek has one, and dumps it faithfully at exactly 7:00 AM every morning…


@vreihen is absolutely right! And for some of us, just sensing that it is coming up on 7:00am rain-gauge-dumping-time wakes us up even better than any alarm clock can.


Well, I’d have a fairly full gauge to empty, if I had it set up, already. Heaviest rainfall In over 5 years and 10th heaviest on record. Smart Weather has recorded close to 17 inches in under 12 hours. (I believe the actual rainfall to be closer to 8 inches.). Regardless, we’ve exceeded our average monthly total rainfall in just those 12 hours. (4X the rain I received from Hurricane Harvey, 1 year ago.)


Here in Koala land our reset times are 0900 and 1500, but totally agreed @dan.gealt yeah you can sure get that body clock in tune, btw the Stratus unit here costs about 120 bucks . We call it the Australia tax :rofl:


$120 Australian dollars? What is that, 86 cents US??? :rofl: