Rain seem off (auto-calibration system not yet deployed)



We are now half way through the rain season. I am concerned the rain season will end before the Sky will be reasonably calibrated.
In the last week of storms, my Davis VP2 has recorded a rainfall total of 2.51" while the Sky recorded 7.07".
I have noticed that winds above 12-14 mph and/or gusts over 15-18 mph will often result in rainfall being recorded - even on a clear day.


Don’t worry. When your rain seasons stops my rain season starts. There will be plenty of seasons coming to keep the data flowing. I’ll be placing a station in Saigon where the rain season is all year. I’m looking forward to measuring the buckets full.


Todays rain event WF did better.
WF picks up the start of a rain event better than the VP2. Today’s rain stayed moderate without a long period of lite rain. So it never lost ground at the end.
I think when there are water droplets on the air it dampens the vibration of light rain but not moderate rain.


Hi @stanleyfam Appreciate your reports. If you are experiencing false rain signals when the wind is above XX, then the cause is typically vibration in your mounting. Try to eliminate any possible vibration. Once the CL system for Rain is deployed, it will use data from your SKY as one of many inputs to ultimately determine accumulation values. If it does not corroborate with the other rain measurement signals, the algorithms will disqualify the SKY data and prevent ‘rain on a clear day’.

PS - we need to get down to PR for some wine tasting! :wine_glass:


what is there to celebrate?


Having a snow, sleet event today. Since the sleet started about 4 hours ago WF rain totals are very heavy. I have a heated VP2 which with snow (about 2.5 inches) and sleet has .34 inches of precipitation. The WF has .70 inches and that’s just the sleet.


My Sky showed a somewhat high reading relative to my 2 area airports for our snow & sleet event. I had .69" vs .54" & .52" for the 2 area airports in fairly close proximity to me. To be honest, given that my Davis showed 0" precipitation (not heated) and no other area PWS showed any either, I’m not unhappy with the results. This is the first event of this type since I’ve had my Sky and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

So I’d rather have a bit of an overestimate than a ‘non-event’ reported by another system. IMO, for this kind of event, this beats a non-heated tipping bucket. :slight_smile:


We are having the Atmospheric River event here in SoCal today. My station is showing 2.22 inches for the day, and adjacent stations in the area are showing 3.34 to 3.97 inches. I live in an urban area, so the stations are bracketing me pretty well. Something seems really off here. Season to data I am a minimum of 20% below the stations in the area.

I know that light rain event show low outcome on the sensor, I have watched the rain come down, but the Sky is not showing any accumulation, but water is flowing on the ground. It also looks like heavy rain events are not reporting correctly as well, the intensity when compared with stations within a half mile of this station are showing a much higher intensity and related accumulation.