Rain rate mismatch between Windows and Android

Just had an extreme but relatively short rain event. Android phone shows approximately 0.55 inch/hour but webpage on my Windows computer shows the same time frame as 1.1 inch/hour (double the Android). I also notice another change that now when I click on the bar in the graph, it no longer shows both accumulated amount and rain rate. Rain rate just shows “Extreme”. The extreme part I agree with but from direct observation, I’m quite certain that if the rain continued at the right I observed it would have been well over 2 or 3 inches/hour.

I saw that an update last week changed the rain rate from a figure to a word. If i’m honest, i’d lprefer to have an option on what to show, as I like to see the actual figure.

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Rain intensity is shown on the main dashboard view and on the rain graph per descriptors: None, Very Light, Light, Moderate, Heavy, Very Heavy, Extreme at a selected time interval to give the user an indication of intensity. Please refer to https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/derived-metric-formulas.html#rain-rate for the specific derived formulas. You can view the associated rate per hour in the list view for the instantaneous rain at your location.

Rain accumulation is calculated for ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’ per local time. Rain accumulation values will be subject to our applied machine learning / continuous learning techniques to ensure accuracy. As of 4Sept, these techniques have not yet been deployed to all stations on the network. We hope to deploy by the end of the month.

@duvalljm make sure that you are using the latest Android app version…we suspect you are using an old version.

My phone has version 2.16(49) which is the version currently available in the Google play store. I am quite familiar with the rain accumulation measurements including the change from past 24 hours to today and yesterday. I have no issue with that part of it. My issue is in the fact that the website and the Android app do not match with regard to rain rate. I also seem to have missed the memo when rain rate switched in the graph to only the general descriptive term rather than the actual rate in inches.

I was one of the original testers in iOS but about the same time that I left Apple-world and went to Android, the product hit full release. I had assumed testing was over but perhaps I was mistaken? If there is still active testing in progress, I would like to rejoin the fold on my Android phone. I still have an iPAD as well so could allow some interesting comparisons.

@duvalljm Thanks for your notes. It would be immensely helpful if you could pls post screenshots of your experience.

The system was designed to get better and better with data science, user input, frequent updates, and robust back end systems. Unlike other weather stations which begin their path to antiquation the moment they get boxed up, your Smart Weather Station is always testing, always learning, always improving…in large part thanks to your helpful input.