Rain Notification Didn’t Push Alert To My Phone

I have Rain Start turned on and have always received the notifications on my phone when rainfall has been detected by the Tempest, until today. Has anyone else experienced this or was it just a fluke?

This morning started off with a light rain shower and I did get the notification on my phone, as expected, so I’ll write the previous issue off as a fluke.

I have a new question, however. Shouldn’t the accumulated rain value display at least 0.01 inches? Logic dictates that it can’t be zero if it has rained.

Mathematically, 0.004 is closer to 0.00 than 0.01 which is why the rain accumulation is reported as 0.00. Only after it reaches 0.005 or higher should it round to 0.01.

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Gotcha! That makes sense. I didn’t think the Tempest was logging in thousandths since it was displaying in hundredths.