Rain haptic sensor can’t detect light rain

In Southern California, much of our annual rain total is comprised of light rain, below the sensitivity of the Tempest haptic sensor. I’ve already reported this to customer service, but I’m wondering how many others are affected by this problem. When I look at other local Tempest installations, they have ALL missed today’s rain total of approximately 0.12” (verified by a graduated cylinder and my WS-1400-IP), and if left uncorrected, the Tempest will probably miss half the annual rain total in SoCal. The only way I can see to correct this is to increase the sensitivity of the sensor, at the risk of getting false positives from vibrations, etc. As it stands, I have to run two separate weather stations to keep accurate rain records, and by the way, the “rain check” feature hasn’t helped a bit.

It’s not an easy problem to solve. If the haptic sensor is too sensitive, then even the slightest breeze going across the sensor will record some activity. However, if the sensitivity is turned down, you miss rainfall. Even the tipping buckets are not accurate, a quick drizzle won’t be enough to tip the bucket. The only sure method is a graduated cylinder.

I have an Acurite Atlas and a Tempest. It’s not unusual to see the total rainfall recorded to differ by 0.50+.

Does anyone know why when I turn on rain check for a particular day or event, it effects all my other past readings in history? Why doesn’t it let those older past readings alone?

It doesn’t sound like an enabled feature for raincheck at this time. It’s an all or nothing.

I should add that it missed a rain accumulation of rate of 0.21”/hour, which should hav3 been detectable IMO.

My Tempest didn’t detect the light rain we had in San Diego this morning. It would be nice if the sensitivity was configurable. Perhaps it needs an add-on moisture sensor to work in conjunction with the haptic sensors.

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Having an add-on moisture sensor is an interesting idea. How would it prevent a false light drizzle/rain reading if there is heavy dew or fog?

I was thinking that the moisture sensor would dynamically adjust the sensitivity of the haptic sensor.

if (moisture) 
    set sensitivity high
    set sensitivity low

Or the moisture sensor is a confirmation for the haptic sensor. Maybe the sensitivity is always high and for a rain event to trigger both haptic and moisture sensors need to be active.


It may also benefit to do the same if/else statement with the barometer to turn up the sensitive.
If barometer pressure is dropping set sensitivity high; else set sensitivity to low.