Rain display shows dashes

@WFmarketing For some reason the rain amounts displayed in the WeatherFlow app for my Sky routinely shift between actual numbers and dashes. I found a similar issue posted in the community regarding voltage values which had a solution, but didn’t see anything regarding rain values. Is there any way to fix this for the rain display? I’m running Apple iOS 12.1 on an iPhone 7 Plus. Station ID is 4925. Thanks!image

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I have the same issue. The rain data comes in after 10 seconds or so & the dashes go away


Thanks for the feedback. I have a few follow-up questions to help diagnose what might be going on.

You mention that the rain amounts for the SKY routinely shift between numeric values and dashes.

  1. Do you notice if this occurs only when the app initially starts up from the background, changing from dashes to numeric values?
  2. Are you seeing the values flip between dashed values and numeric values even after the app has been running for some time?

Understanding the timing of the changes to the values will help us to understand what might be going awry.

Thanks again.


@dtrauger It happens both when starting from the background and when initially launching the app. I’ve noticed it after force-closing the app and restarting it. If I double-click the iPhone home button to select from open apps and return to the WeatherFlow app, the numbers return for 2-5 seconds, and then return to dashes. image image image image

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@dtrauger The values still shift back to dashes even after a couple of minutes after running the app. Also noticed that the pressure trend sometimes shifts to dashes when the rain shifts back to numbers. Don’t know if it’s related but thought I’d mention it. Happens enough that I got a screenshot of it. image image

Takes about 30 seconds after opening closed app

Not seeing this on android or windows (chrome) here. Just an FYI


@dtrauger Just checking in. Still getting dashes for rain accumulation and pressure trend (alternating). image image

The dashes sometimes show up after the app has been open and displaying numbers, and sometimes the dashes are present upon opening the app.

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This issue has been replicated and resolved. The fix will be included in the next iOS release.