Rain Check Not Running

Hi everyone. I have had my tempest up now for a week. Everything is running great but I have yet to see a rain check symbol on any day.

It seems as though rain check is not running at all? It is on in setting!
Maybe I’m missing something?


maybe toggle it off, close the app, re open and toggle it on

maybe it will trigger it serverside.
Also you don’t have yet many events. I see the quality control isn’t happy with the results and holds back from applying a correction

Done! We will see if that helps anything.

Yeah I’m keeping a record of what actually fell during these events using a small physical gauge. Tempest has been on the low end. Of course I haven’t seen any calibration from rain check yet.

No rain check yet today :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I waiting for more rain events or should we be seeing rain check run daily?

I just checked and see that the RainCheck icon does display when no rain has been recorded.

Yeah I’m not seeing a rain check symbol on any day for mine.

I’ve had 3 days with measurable rain and none have adjusted when they need too. They are all about the same percentage on the low side compared to radar/physical gauge.

Raincheck is on! Haha I’ve checked about a million times.