Rain check interaction with haptic sensor calibration

Can anyone shed some light on the interaction between Rain Check and the on-device calibration of the Tempest haptic sensor? My understanding is that the automatic calibration routine occurs after rainfall events and affects the actual device sensor calibration. Is this device calibration able to occur if I disable rain check?

Any chance @dsj could weigh in here?

@dsj will gladly help but @tony.mcgee is in charge of the RC stuff. He would be the one to ask when it comes to RC issues.

Thanks, Justin. Hopefully Tony can weigh in.

I’ve noticed that there has not been any “Rain Check” icon for the last 3 days in the History portion.

It used to look like this and would be displayed even if no rain was recorded that day.

You’re welcome! Hopefully he will have a chance to respond.

Hi @pswired!

think of the RainCheck on/off option as a toggle for the display only. The data is always run and stored, the switch just determines which value is displayed. That means that you can turn it off with no negative impact to its availability for device calibration.

Thanks for the report! We are seeing some slowness in the data getting out to the apps for some stations. It will all fill in soon and we are working on improvements to keep it speedy going forward.

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Thanks for the response @tony.mcgee. Learned something new today!

Thanks, Tony!

FYI, I have also noticed slow/missing rain check activity over the past week. Glad you have an eye on it.