Rain check erased all of yesterday’s rain

In the Chicago area we had a steady rain all day on March 9, 2020. About 0.60 inches. WF measured this accurately all day.

However, once Rain Check ran overnight, it shows 0 rain yesterday!

Hi @mleung7878, that’s not what we’re seeing on the station data. The accumulation will reset at midnight local time. Your SKY measured 0.65" and the Rain Check value was 0.71" but it was effectively ignored.

By the way, you can turn off Rain Check in the advanced SKY device settings in the app. Rain Check is an optional bonus feature that gives a best estimate of rainfall using raw data from your SKY and an array of reference data, including advanced satellite and radar precipitation products. If your SKY’s raw rain accumulation is great as is, and you don’t want the Rain Check value the following day, you can simply disable the feature.

That’s weird. I now see the 0.65 as well. Earlier on the iOS app I saw the rain check symbol and 0.

I keep rain check on because in high winds I sometimes get erroroneous rainfall.

I live in Central Illinois. My initial RainCheck zeroed out yesterdays rainfall event early this morning. It now shows a RainCheck value of 0.63 inches.

Thank you both for reporting this. We will check with IT and try to identify any problems.

This happened with my Sky as well. Showed zero in the for a while then Raincheck changed to .85" later.

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Thanks, we’ll be looking into this.