Rain check doesn't run for me. Maybe server issue?

I have rain check turned on yet it never runs. Something server side need to be reset?

Already went into the app and toggled off/on rain check. Not seeing it make an update…

It does run on your station but remember it does not run instantly but once a day early morning if I remember well … being outside the US I don’t have that option (yet)

Ya I know I see it there, but we had more than 2 inches yesterday. Other wf users in the area reported more than I had too.

It is possible that RainCheck doesn’t have it right. What did your station actually record?

so the interesting thing… rain check never really changes anything. We actually had about 3 inches of rain… I was expecting some sort of a change…but nothing happened. And I feel like each time it it rains…its always the same value from what my weather station reports.