Rain check and Tempest question

Hello, I am curious as the opinion in the Tempest community as to whether have
“ Rain check” on or off? Does it increase the accuracy of the totals or skew them?

Thoughts welcomed.

Regards, Adrian

So after doing some research i am leaning towards keeping this feature on but I am still interested in others opinions.

The RainCheck value is actually designed to be an estimate of the “neighborhood” value - so it will not and should not necessarily match a co-located gauge during a highly variable rainfall event. As I’m sure you know, even two identical tipping buckets mounted relatively near each other can report significantly different accumulation values. (RainCheck attempts to “smooth out” these values to give you a better estimate of the average rainfall across your entire property or neighborhood.)

In Florida with the abundance of localized shower activity… I would not turn on Rain Check.

I think it makes sense in areas further north that deal with larger scale rain events. Even then in the summer areas to the north can still have locally heavier rain in showers.

Hi George, Really wow interesting. I have been trying to make sense of whether to leave it on or off. So it makes no sense to have it on in SFL with all the tempest stations around me? Maybe I just don’t understand the concept of what it’s actually doing and my location.

The good thing is that both sets of data are collected and stored regardless of the RainCheck setting. You can leave it off and if you decide later you want it on, it will be there, even in the history.

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