Rain calibration corrections

The update to version 2.60(54) [Android] / 2.60(206) [iOS] already ? :wink:

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It’s not unusual to update an application every week or more,

There has been 112 firmware updates. That’s about one per week or more. Now that’s unusual!

The next update will be a relatively “major” release, enough to increment the version to 3.X anyway :wink:


This is awesome news. Hopefully dropping soon.

“already” pointed towards the update which came to the app-stores before David placed his post…

I agree, even, when not every version is turned out to the whole public the development in firmwate and apps is remarkable.

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Just curious on this update. Here you stated that there would be a significant announcement before the end of April and we are coming up on the end of May with nothing other than that an update to the app coming soon.

I was considering taking advantage of the introductory pricing on the solar power accessory for my SKY but also hesitant in investing more money in a weather station that has not ever given me accurate rain data.

Accurate rain measurement is something I expect and have never received from my WF unit.

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We’ve had a rainy week in the Northeast last week. I had mounted the new solar panel to my station just before all the rain. Thoughout the week the rain totals in all types of precipitation from the WF have been much heavier than my VP2 or manual rain gauge. Last night we had heavy thunder showers. The WF was .43" while the VP2 and the manual rain gauge had .35".
I think the solar panel has added to the rain totals. Even in a light rain which before was under reporting.

Normally, the rain reporting from my unit appears to be very accurate but above a certain threshold, that seems to change drastically. Had major flooding Monday night (5/20) and prolonged rain at rates exceeding 1 inch/hour. My neighbors measured in excess of 5 inches with the old-school rain tube but my unit reports less than half that amount. This was the heaviest, most prolonged rain event I have ever experienced and actually exceeded a major tropical storm in Houston may years ago. There are reports coming in from other stations that hit 6 and 7 inches. This is the first time we have had an event like this since the unit was setup and at any sort of more typical precip rates, all seems to be very accurate.

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Thanks for your patience. We are working as fast as we can toward that update & announcement. Stay tuned!

Had a shower come through early this morning.
WF - .14"
VP2- .09
Stratus Rain Gauge - .10
Still heavy but seems less heavy than last week.

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I am in Wagga Wagga, southern New South Wales, Australia. The very small community that I am in is full of retired farmers - each with a physical rain gauge hanging off the back fence. At most, these rain gauges are 60 metres apart. I have one too. Next to my physical rain gauge, I have my WeatherFlow Sky unit on its pole. I’ve had it since Jun 2016. The Sky unit has consistently underreported when compared to the surrounding physical rain gauges. (And believe me, all the farmers compare.) We’ve been in a long drought.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a good rain event. We had three good falls of about 20mm (0.8 inch) on each of three consecutive days - according to the rain gauges. Sky reported just 15mm (0.6 inch) for each fall. Yes, these were ’showers’, ie, rain from Cu-nimbus clouds and therefore very patchy, with extremely heavy rain in short bursts and a good bit of wind. In this case, the physical rain gauges agreed fairly closely with each other - but not with Sky.

The farmers were very enthusiastic about the Sky unit. No longer.

I’m as retired statistician. I thought I would report in.


Hi I am from Cowra and have had the WF since about the same tim as you have.
The WF team are still working on the rain setup for the Sky and it looks like the update is not far away, Hang in there mate and have faith

Had a similar event here in Iowa recently. My well sited 4" rain gauge recorded 2.82 while the Sky only logged 1.5". Seems to under report higher rainfall rates.

How well does Sky handle Pacific Northwest drizzle?
We are entering summer now, so won’t have too much rain for the next couple months, but after that we will be back in our 3 season long cloudy season :wink: which mostly consists of drizzle.

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It doesn’t. It’s just so inaccurate that I never look at it, other than to sigh a little.

Get yourself a CoCoRaHS manual gauge as a quality check. (link)

FWIW, my manual gauge is always right on the money with the 10+ year old VP2.


Excellent, I also have a new VP2 that I am comparing against, so good to know.

It really depends on the unit right now. I have 3 Sky units, all give different results. One of them is usually spot on with giving notifications of rain start and ends at the right time. I have no idea about the measurement accuracy. I think I’ll follow the link @vinceskahan posted for a quality check.

Just to add to the discussion (and moved from the Precipitation Reports which was the wrong place) - a worrying lack of rain registration from my sky today - a heavy but short shower came through, Vue registered 0.2mm and the Sky failed to register anything, not even a rain alert. Vue is side by side the Sky.

Its a bit embarrassing when your known for monitoring the weather, its tipping down outside and not even a notification.

I know an update is incoming but to miss a rain event completely is worrying. Two further showers came through and registered so very odd it missed the first one. I
am losing faith sadly in the rain measurement capacity, especially when you can see it is raining outside.


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Has it been solved ??? The rain not being correct – Did the last update/firmware correct this problem