Rain and lightning


Shouldn’t there be an icon for when it is raining (a lot) and there is lightning detected? Currently, when there is some lightning (24 km away), the icon on the forecast screen changes to one showing only lightning and some clouds without any rain. These are my photoshop attempts to make some (for heavy rain+ and for a bit less rain)

just to be clear, this is what it currently shows even though it is raining:

btw @corrineb the sunrise/sunset are still those of yesterday. Seems like an easy fix, but didn’t happen yet.

from that screen is the average i thought, you need to hit the tempest icon in the upper right to see just your data

yeah I usually look at the grid view, but this screen is the forecast view. But it is confusing, as it normally shows the icon that matches the hourly forecast, unless it starts to rain or it detects lightning, then it switches to some real-time data. It will show clouds with rain or with lightning. This post is about the fact that the icon with rain AND lightning is missing.

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Gotcha. I never noticed that before