Radio strength issue

up until today my Tempest had been working great 60 uptime hub and the Tempest had been up since the firmware update. Today having the first real wind since mounting on the roof about 3 weeks ago. Hub is in top floor room below Tempest. Generally a signal between -57~-45 today it went to -127 and stopped reporting cycled power to hub reported a couple times then quite. I would occasionally do a 1 second connection and update some data. Power went out for 2 seconds now back to normal?

are we looking at the same device in both pictures? did voltage went up from 2.66 to 2.87? 2.87V is way more then my tempest ever was. just wondering.

That is what it was reading when the radio came baxk to normal strength. It usually tops at 2.77 or 2.78v

Yes, when it was broadcasting yesterday it was north of 2.8 back to 2.78 today and looking at the graph that is where it usually is. But yes, same device.

That could have been a bad reading or it may be a heating issue due to the cell or charging circuit over heating.

Very odd. Your voltage reading was super noisy during that time. It doesn’t look like a temperature effect. I’m not sure what could cause this but we suspect there was some kind of electrical noise going on, possibly external. Solar flares maybe? :joy: Your voltage readings have returned to normal - has the radio strength resolved itself too?

green line is battery voltage, blue line is temperature

Yes, all has returned to normal. This all coincides with the passage of a strong cold front. Do not know if relevant at all. Just Prior to the failure I received my first wind related false rain.

Also grasping at straws. With the passage of the front there was a lot of dust and smoke in the air from nearby fires.

Interesting, but I don’t see how any of those (dust, smoke, dropping temperatures) would cause something like that… but who knows?! Let’s see if it happens again. Thanks for the report.

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