Radio frequency used via udp?

Checking on udp interface the old versions seem to broadcast via udp the frequency of the radio use to communicate with the devices. I can’t easily find that in the latest udp api definition
( very old and the latest at
or is this perhaps coded in the version?

where do you see reference to this being in old versions ?

in the link to v47 above there is “freq”: 906000000. I assumed it was the radio frequency used. (906Mhz)

perhaps we can compare and figure it out. My udp packets show:
for one hub and for the other:

(note the unexpected difference is firmware_revision)
Most values are documented, but some are not, like fs and mqtt_stats. The first field of radio_stats is supposed to be version.
Is there a difference with versions in the USA that would indicate a different radio frequency? (I’m in Europe)

Why are you curious about the radio frequency ? Are you looking at sniffing the RF with a SDR or something ?

Incidentally, it’s not used for UDP (which is wifi) but you probably know that already.

because of a post on facebook by Jason.

well I don’t know any Jason, and I don’t do Facebook, so I was hoping for a little more ‘answer’ in your answer, FWIW…

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i figured it is the same jason as here jasonb2909 who is wondering
“Is it possible the 2 hubs are on different frequencies? My original Hub was for Au, I’m wondering if tempest hub is USA frequencies.”
But dsj already anwered that he cannot pair the old units to the new ones.

There is activity on 906 mhz, fast blips approx. 3 second intervals. Using my Airspy SDR.

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Why? I have both setups.

yeah, but you are not in Australia. Dsj will give us more info in time. We’ll wait for that.

Then the two must be on different frequencies.