Radar Imagery Feed

Whenever WF integrates the radar image into the app, I think it should be in between the current conditions and the forecast information. For the live display of the page, have it as a card option like you do for battery information and the forecast.

Hello how are you? May I ask if you heard about adding radar to the tempest app and if so do you think that will come about as soon as this summer or would it be later then that if you know at this point? I would love to see that feature, I’m always checking radar for the United States and putting it in motion to see just where the precipitation is and where it’s moving, but I have to always go out of the tempest app to go to the radar each time I’m checking my location. Don’t mean to put you on the spot just very curious for the time frame. Bob


like to know also . need radar … keep having to goto another app

That’s in the plans. @corrineb can give you more details.

Radar is on the roadmap. I don’t have an eta on when it will be released, but I can tell you it is in active discussion.


I may have missed it, but it would be great to add a link to weather radar in the page showing the current data, hourly forecast, 10 day forecast. This would be really convenient. Thanks

I don’t suppose we will see a radar map anytime soon if at all? Thanks

Where are you guys at with adding radar to the app…?

Suggestion; it needs to be a good one like MyRadar for example. We should have the option to see the locations of other weatherflow stations that share publicly on the radar map and be able to tap on them to access their real-time data.


PLEASE implement a great radar feed on the app!!! It is the main reason (and I do so often) I have to go off app and install other apps. I can’t trust my weather without looking at a good radar feed! Thanks

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Would like to see the map of current radar in the tempest app instead of having to open wonder just to see it. Could eliminate that app this way.

Make sure to vote for this topic. The vote button is at the top of the topic.

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Would love to see a radar implementation with the app. So that the app is a one stop shop instead of having to use other apps to view radar

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I have moved your request in here, do cast your vote on top to bring it up the request list :wink:

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Hey boss. Any updates on radar maps coming. Seems like a big miss and an easy add based on other inferior apps. Thanks


Another bump requesting radar

Another bump for the Radar request.
Happy 2023.

I’d like to see an option in the top selection bar that would either take you to a radar page of your choice. Or If Tempest would take you to their own radar page.

That would be a great addition. That is the one thing missing from the app that prevents me from using it as a primary weather source.

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No word yet on adding radar? Would love to have that option!

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Me Too. I submitted my request.