Questions concerning API Rate Limit


I am developing a mobile app for the Tempest users and I want to offer them the best user experience. Therefore I don’t want to accidentally hit the max rate limit. I’ve read from the API guide:

generous rate/volume limits (enough for personal use and small-scale apps)

Could it be a bit more specific on how much that actually means (generousity is a very subjective notion :wink:)?

In similar applications, there are usually different kind of rate limits:

  • sustained account API rate (for a given access token, user generated or generated by a third-party application) → xx requests/hour
  • peak account API rate → xx requests/sec
  • sustained application API rate (in case we use an third-party application to create tokens) → xx requests/hour
  • peak application API rate → xx requests/sec

Does anyone know how this actually work in the case of the tempest API?


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I think this is a question for @jforare_324

I would like to know the same thing… however from what I gathered during conversations with WF, there is a hard limit, but it can be flexible.
I hit this limit off and on. My app is being used by a wide variety of WF customers, but is currently using my API key. The official workaround is to use OAuth or PAT, per user.