Question on 2032 button battery regular & lithium

Hello, this question is not tempest related, but a question to the knowledgeable people out there. I recently found out that the above battery mentioned, is all but useless in the outside weather cold 20s & 30s or worse. Found this out in a weather device I recently tried, so my question is did anyone else know how bad that 2032 button battery does in cold weather? And why do you think it can’t hold up at any length unless temperatures are warmer? And why do you think that is? Thanks

as long is it is above -20C lithium should still do about 75% of what they do at room temperature.
Chemical processes, like the one going on in a battery, work better at higher temperatures. There is however a slight voltage drop from 3V to 2.4V. It might be that your electronics doesn’t like that.

You hit the nail right on the head about the electronics it’s a kestrel hand held unit that now can do Bluetooth and be put outdoors, that’s how I discovered that the 2032 gets zapped in an hour or so, but recovers some when brought indoors. I’m told that in another unit they have that was upgraded to using oneAA battery lithium I will see a mark improvement in the cold vs the 2032 button battery. What do you think? Thanks

I don’t think anything about it. Just try to find out about the operating specs of your equipment. They should mention a temperature range.

Would transporting this device in an interior pocket of a jacket/coat help keep it (and its battery) warmer? Or is it too large to comfortably do so?