PWSweather functionality?

Is it possible to dump WU and change to PWSweather? When I registered with them, I asked why I could not connect and received this reply:

" Weatherflow has not added the ability to send data to to their products. We recommend you contact them and ask for this feature to be added. "


I use my Meteobridge to send data to both PWSweather and CWOP. It works very well. There may be other options for sending data.

I am rather hoping that WeatherFlow might have a solution which involves neither additional expense nor coding skills so that PWSweather etc. could be added in the same way that WU can be. WU appears to have died; it had been very ill for a long time!

Obligatory “weewx can do that easily” post. There’s a point where folks are going to need to self-host a little raspberry pi to post to every one of the ‘many’ such places worldwide. WF can’t support them all.


No reason why someone else can’t do this for you - it’s public data after all. I asked nicely here: