PWS integration or/and ORBIT(B-Hyve) integration - VOTE!


when integration is planned with PWS ( or directly with Orbit system (
I ask because mine Orbit B-Hyve sprinkler system has integration with PWS, and i am not able to integrate my Tempest WeatherFlow device

If you have some free time you may want to integrate your Tempest with WeeWx using a raspberry Pi or other hardware you can run the Wee’Wx software on. WeeWx has the ability to send weather data collected to many services including PWS.

Here is my Tempest data on PWS:

If you want there is also a solution via a meteobridge device
That’s what I use

ok, and thanks guys…
but, I would really like direct official integration, without additional bridges.
I am of the opinion that both sides(Orbit<>WeatherFlow) are serious and big enough in the market for direct integration…
i would love to hear/see the answer from WeatherFlow team.

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This feature request has no votes yet. You could vote for it so that it has more chance of being noticed under the many requests with more votes which are currently being worked on.
If you need the solution now then many of us have used the types of suggestions that you have been offerred already.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:


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I found a solution that is easier than configuring weewx. You just run this code in Google Apps Script for free. It’s the equivalent of running something serverless at AWS with a Lambda if you are familiar with that concept. Very easy to setup and integrate with the Tempest once you get the necessary station IDs from PWS Weather.

You can use the Tempest as the source…goto your station, Settings>Data Authorizations and create an API key. Then use that in the Apps Script as the Source (const datasource = ‘weatherflow’) and configure your destination(s) with the various keys. Then hit schedule in Apps Script and the script will run continuously every minute to retrieve from Tempest and push to your destinations. Pretty slick.


The Rube Goldberg machine of getting our weather data published keeps getting more and more options.


uuuu! great! 15mins & up&runn
great! tnx speedwater!

Err spend from $AU280 to over $AU600 for another box to do somthing that the Tempest ‘should do’ out of the box, NO THANKS.

I have had my Tempest for nearly two years and have never had an issue with it or a bad word to say about it, until now… I just want it to talk to a ‘smart’ sprinkler system, why should that be so hard???

Couple of thoughts here, one is WeatherFlow is about weather, the sprinkler company is the one that offers sprinkler control. Since WeatherFlow has a open API the sprinkler company should be the one providing the integration. Don’t think there is much that WeatherFlow can offer other than telling the company how to integrate. Usually there is a “what’s in it for me” from companies before they do any integration, will it sell more units, how many will use it, what’s the cost of supporting it.

You have to love the community for coming up with solutions to work around the bean counters that prevent us from having integration and sometimes it’s gong to cost.


The Tempest offers all your data from the API. A ‘Smart’ sprinkler system can access the API IF it knows how to ask the API the right question. It could begin by looking here: WeatherFlow Tempest API & Developer Platform
I do not know what smart sprinkler system you are using and I am not trying to blame what ever system that is.
However your issue is most likely with your sprinkler system and not with your Tempest.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what makes you write nonsense here?

I don’t see what is nonsense in what @ronv42 wrote. Would you enlighten us, please?


There is no nonsense in my response. WeatherFlow doesn’t build sprinkler controllers period. They provide data and a method to get access to that data. Yes they can “promote” an integration capability but it’s up to the company that makes the sprinkler controller to do the integration in their platform.


I am trying to use this google apps script but have something messed up, can anyone help me figure out maybe what I did wrong?

Here is my output from the script:

Problem fetching
at fetchJSON_(Code:636:9)
at refreshFromWeatherflow_(Code:352:31)
at Schedule(Code:78:7)

I replaced the real values from my api key with -xxxxxxx and the last digits of my station id with xxxx but they have real values in my script.

I just don’t know where to go to figure out what isn’t working so any help would be appreciated.

I found my error, it was the station id. Sorry to bother you all and ok to delete my post.

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Where did you find your station ID? I think i am having the same problem as you.

Go to Settings, Stations, station name, Status. Station ID is under the Hub section.