PWS integration or/and ORBIT(B-Hyve) integration - VOTE!


when integration is planned with PWS ( or directly with Orbit system (
I ask because mine Orbit B-Hyve sprinkler system has integration with PWS, and i am not able to integrate my Tempest WeatherFlow device

If you have some free time you may want to integrate your Tempest with WeeWx using a raspberry Pi or other hardware you can run the Wee’Wx software on. WeeWx has the ability to send weather data collected to many services including PWS.

Here is my Tempest data on PWS:

If you want there is also a solution via a meteobridge device
That’s what I use

ok, and thanks guys…
but, I would really like direct official integration, without additional bridges.
I am of the opinion that both sides(Orbit<>WeatherFlow) are serious and big enough in the market for direct integration…
i would love to hear/see the answer from WeatherFlow team.

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This feature request has no votes yet. You could vote for it so that it has more chance of being noticed under the many requests with more votes which are currently being worked on.
If you need the solution now then many of us have used the types of suggestions that you have been offerred already.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:


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I found a solution that is easier than configuring weewx. You just run this code in Google Apps Script for free. It’s the equivalent of running something serverless at AWS with a Lambda if you are familiar with that concept. Very easy to setup and integrate with the Tempest once you get the necessary station IDs from PWS Weather.

You can use the Tempest as the source…goto your station, Settings>Data Authorizations and create an API key. Then use that in the Apps Script as the Source (const datasource = ‘weatherflow’) and configure your destination(s) with the various keys. Then hit schedule in Apps Script and the script will run continuously every minute to retrieve from Tempest and push to your destinations. Pretty slick.

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The Rube Goldberg machine of getting our weather data published keeps getting more and more options.

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uuuu! great! 15mins & up&runn
great! tnx speedwater!