Putting a weather system on top of a 10 story condo building

I would like to place a unit on top of our 10 story condo building in Florida. Our unit is on the 7th floor. The building is shaped like a three leaf clover, concrete construction, 9 foot ceilings with 6 units per floor. Wondering by placing it on the roof, I’m I to far away from the unit to be connected? If so, what would I need to make it work?

Only way to know for sure is to try it. Just carry the Tempest up there without a mount and see if it’s still registering to the Hub. It likely should, I’m guessing, but a test is the only way to know.

Also, need to get permission from the building manager first before placing Tempest on top?

A test is a good idea… Just wondering if and how much the concrete construction will hamper the signal?