Pulling data from a Tempest hub to an ESP32

Hi folks,

I am trying to find out whether someone programmed an EPS32 to pull the data either via UDP
or from the API? I couldn’t find anything so far and it would be great if someone knows about work
that was already done.

My goal is to adapt and merge the great work of this display paper stand: PrusaPrinters
with this wonderful display:
GitHub - G6EJD/ESP32-e-Paper-Weather-Display: An ESP32 and 2.9", 4.2" or 7.5" ePaper Display reads Weather Underground data via their API and then displays the weather
to show the weather data from my tempest.

Before starting the journey of coding it myself, I thought I reach out to you and see if someone
has already done some work on it.

The toolman!

That would be pretty cool.

I’d suggest you break the problem up into multiple pieces:

  • listen for the UDP broadcasts
  • parse the JSON from the various types of messages into fields
  • display them to the screen

Bonus points if you can figure out how to do this to a partial refresh capable ePaper display.

This could help you along, not exactly what you want but a lot of the work is done.

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Thanks for the reply, I didn’t quite find what I need. Currently I am fighting with decoding the JSON stream in the arduino IDE. For whatever reason it works in a sample sketch but not integrated in davids code. If anyone wants to assist, please let me know! Cheers :wink: