Protection from the elements

I have a replacement unit coming for the original that quit charging & noticed how dirty it had became within a real short time window (less than a month). We have no shades trees or anything to drop tree sap or the likes on it but it sure got dirty quick. I ordered the bird deterrent & it should actually get here before the new unit arrives & will be installed when it goes back up on the pole mount.

Would it hurt the Tempest in any way to apply some wax with a UV protection to make it easier to clean up when needed from the outside elements? I’m talking about heavy dust that settles on it from mowing 3 acres & carried by the wind & most importantly bird droppings ? We have a heavy dew on top of this mountain in the mornings & late evenings that turns that dust into a mess. Yes the rain washes it off somewhat but I was surprised at how quick it got messy looking.
Any suggestions ?

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