Project Idea - Send alerts based on conditions

I’m in the process of developing a small application to send alerts based on predefined conditions to my phone. If anybody is interested I’ll post it to Github soon.

i.e. if the battery voltage drops too low, send an alert as one example

I’m writing in Python and using an app called Pushover to send alerts to my Iphone. However it would be great enhancement to the app if it supported push events from your token. Pushover is not free.

Take a look at using ntfy instead of pushover directly. ntfy support pushover and a bunch of other notification services, it’s sort of a front-end for them. This would allow users to use things like Slack or Telegram instead of pushover if they don’t have. (I do have pushover, but switched most of my notifications to ntfy to give me more flexibility, like in cases where I want to sent out multiple alerts.)

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