Progressive Sensor Failure

Let say from the outset that the support for my Tempest problem has been first rate and a replacement unit is on its way to me. Like most people when I buy a product (that has been around for a long time) and it fails I think to myself that I have just been unlucky and got a ‘lemon’. But when I buy a new product that hasn’t stood the test of time my first thoughts aren’t ‘did I get a lemon’? My first thoughts are did everyone get a lemon?! My first issue was a total temperature sensor fault and at the same time some erroneous readings on barometric pressure. This has now morphed (over a period of several weeks) into UV, Rain and Wind Sensor failures and so it would appear that the sensors are failing progressively which doesn’t augur well if they are independent of each other. Anyhow I’ll await my replacement and trust that I just got a lemon first time around.

The issue could be on a common location where all the sensors connect which would mean it is really only one problem. I can imagine a bad water seal could cause what you describe.


That is a definite possibility I guess. We do get a lot of rain where I live and so water ingress is also a possibility but not ideal for a weather station. Hopefully it was a dud seal and my replacement station will be trouble free for many years.

The seals on the Tempest are significantly better than the first generation SKY. My field test units are still doing fine and have been in operation since the end of 2019.

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