Problem with web interface and WU forecast

Hello. I have often a problem with the WeatherUnderground forecast ribbon. When I return to a tab with WeatherFlow interface I see this with obviously wrong temperatures: immagine

It says 6° Max temp and 0° min temp. Impossible. The first is always 6°/0°, not sure on the others also wrong.

This is the correct one (usually reloading page): immagine

think he means complaints…:slight_smile: nowt todo with weatherflow app the wunderground API is basically knackered… look at the dates and as I said elsewhere if the year was viewable it would be 1970 due to no timestamp to process .2

In debugging this issue, we have found that sometimes the WU API is giving back a forecast starting with January 3, 2018 instead of the current 10 day period. In addition to the odd forecast temps another way to know if you have received the bad WU API response is by the dates on top of the card. It is always, Today, THU 4, FRI 5, etc. In a good forecast response, the dates will be current. Refreshing the page usually clears things up.


Sometimes happens this too… Is it a child of the same problem?? It seems more a timeout-related issue immagine

you will also find at times it returns a blank timestamp so any timestamp formula you have to display human readable output will show 1970.

perhaps look at alternatives services i can honestly say wunderground has become the most unreliable api service over the last year .


dark-sky …not so good in accurate forecasting outputs not good outside of USA/Uk s . is highlighted in there data sources used .
apixu … goes a bit awol when using geolocation script based on lat lon returns a forecast from a location some 120km from here in istanbul, but works when using city option but may be an issue for those outside of larger city areas.
accuweather comes at a cost but good for specific location

ive tried some other services but restrictions in place and comes at a cost after a short period.

all,above are easily adapted based on they use the common json output .


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Would WeatherFlow put in a near future an option on which service use on ribbon?

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We are exploring other options if WU is unable to improve reliability of their API.


if we talk about the weather site that give an accurate forecast then there’s no one is good, weather wonderground was the best between the other, but unfortunately they become useless with the last update in the second half of 2017, accuweather is just for US, Canada and Europe, but actually it’s not reliable even in US if read what the other say about it, and even the only site give the people 90 days of forecast but actually it’s the average of the year not forecast, so all you need is just find the site that give a reliable forecast for your location is better than when you look for the famous weather site or depend on NWPM.

For my mobile app, I am pulling Forecast data from 4 sources (none of them are WU):


Each has their own good points, and each has their downside… but overall… my clients can pick & choose which they want to rely on.


so you use the paid api services ? for your app

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Nope. Using the free service from each of them.


is the app available on app store ios

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In short, yes… with some caveats.
PM’d you the details.

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