Problem with Sonos One

Has anyone else experienced a problem using the Alex skill with a Sonos One device. The skill works perfectly with all the other amazon devices in our home but not the Sonos One device. Oddly, it occasionally will work with it. When you say, “Alexa, ask Weatherflow how’s the weather?” it will blink but say nothing and then in a few seconds shut off. Randomly this morning it did work once though. I have disabled and re-enabled the skill and unplugged the sonos one and plugged it back in.
Any thoughts?

We have a Sonos One in our test array and have noticed that it doesn’t seem to “understand” as well as the official Amazon Echo devices. Specifically, we’ve found that if you don’t enunciate the “ask WeatherFlow” part well, Alexa can get confused - either giving you the generic weather report or not answering at all.

Unfortunately there’s not anything we can do on our end. Our skill processes whatever text is passed to it by Amazon and this issue seems to related to something in the Sonos speech-to-text process.

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