"Pro" model Tempest?

Early on there had been some discussions about eventually developing a “Pro” model. Any plans in the works to come out with one?

Pro model? Neve heard mention of a pro model.


The Pro Hub (cellular) and bundled kits are still in the works, I imagine held up by the global supply chain breakdowns like many other things. WF has been up-front with people (myself included) who have one on-order/paid through the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, offering refunds or some rather generous rewards for waiting longer than expected for the product to be ready.

There has always been talk of an enhanced professional-grade station in the long-range plans, but my guess is that it’s still really far out on the roadmap and I’m not personally holding my breath expecting to see it any time soon…


Kinda’ what I thought. There was mention of it during and after the Kickstarter phase, but hadn’t heard anything lately. Just as well for the next few months as I’m needing to have both knees replaced in the next months and visiting the Tempest on the tower doesn’t seem likely…

A Pro Hub is very much wanted! I want to place at least 2 Tempest units on posts around the island so I know how the wind is blowing. The Pro Hub (cellular) would do the job!

Has anyone built their own Pro Hub using a WiFi hotspot, power bank, and a solar panel?
It looks quite doable but I don’t know how to size an off the shelf solar panel.

What cellular would you use given the impending shutdown of all the 3G networks ?

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Not sure how well it is available in the USA but you could investigate LoRaWan, Symphony or alike ??

I have plans to build an off-grid WeeWX system in the next few months, using a Raspberry Pi. It would use a 4G/LTE USB stick for Internet access, and could have its on-board wifi port configured as an access point for a non-pro WF Hub to connect through. Since I have the license, I also plan to include an APRS radio link as a backup for posting weather observations.

Given the issues with solar charging Tempests in some parts of the world, my thinking is to throw away the engineering calculations and use the largest panel/battery that you can afford (and lug to the remote site) to power the setup…