Preventive steps to keep large birds from damaging a new tempest?

:cry: :cry: :cry: Birds have no respect for weather stations.


So cook up your own variant that does the same thing with a few spikes and some kind of strap that would tighten around it. Something notionally like an oil filter wrench works. Several people have built their own variants that do the same thing.

Or put up a taller perch on the North side of the Tempest and maybe they’ll go for height.

I used some white electrical tape (cut in half lengthwise) to give the cable tie something to “grip” and made a ring from two of these cable ties.

Every few holes, I inserted a “fence tie” and folded the bottom so that it was snug against itself.

Another loop of electrical tape to keep them somewhat in place and some light bending outward to make sure I was clear of the haptic sensor and I have this:

I assumed this solution was temporary for me (until the official Bird Deterrent device came out, which I’ve ordered), but if it will be permanent for you, perhaps epoxy or something would be a better choice to keep things in place.



Anybody had a hard rain since installation and seen any difference ? Knock on wood I have been really lucky and have not had a bird problem yet

Some pictures of success,
I often see the birds sitting where this bird is.
The plastic boxes house the Hub and a cloud camera. The Hub is up there to receive signals from another Sky a long way away.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:


While I have the original Air & Sky unit, maybe this hack to the bird deterrent accessory might help.

I have a large owl that has used my Sky section as a regular perch from day one. Let’s just say that owl poop rivals that of a small dog who drank too much of a blueberry milk shake. I was happy to see the WeratherFlow accessory finally come out, because I just didn’t have the time to invent a fix myself, not to mention gain repeated access to my Sky unit on a second-story roof in refining any idea.

Well, the bird deterrent accessory didn’t last more than 24 hours before it was knocked off. I suspect that this owl either swooped in for a sliding landing or just grabbed the spikes with its talons. Overall, the rubber ring wasn’t tight enough. So, I used a simple hose clamp to reinforce that design. The only problem is that standard sizes are either 3-4 or 5-6 inches in diameter and the Sky unit measures just over 4 inches across. This was remedied by cutting out a section of a larger hose clamp and welding the remaining pieces back together. The modified clamp was tightened just enough to make the overall design secure against my local owl. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect the rubber of that bird deterrent band to last more than a couple of years against UV degradation, so the hose clamp adds protection there also.

Here are a few photos of my system. Good luck with your own bird fight.

Dr. Z.


Love this idea, thanks! Curious – assuming that the “threads” on the band run throughout, could the “tail” of a too-large clamp be clipped (and maybe filed down to dull the sharp corners) and used for the same purpose? (I ask because it sounds like you cut out a section of the band in the middle, yes?)

You can buy hose clamps that can be fully customized (Homagic is one manufacturer), but the standard sizes available at most local stores in the USA just miss the range needed here. Since I have a welder, cutting out a section of a hose clamp and applying a couple of spot welds was easy. Sure, one might also take up this unwanted slack by bending/crimping or inserting some type of spacer band. In the end, it is about what will hold up to the forces of nature and maybe a deranged owl.

Dr. Z.

Ah, thank you for clarifying. I assumed that the female threads occupied the entire length of the band, but now that I’m looking at one ( I see that the threads only exist near the end, which makes sense. Putting threads along the entire length of the band so that one could use a 6" clamp on a 3/4" job would be rather silly. :slight_smile: And thanks for the Homagic mention; I might seek out a 4.5" custom one to keep the BDA band in place…

Ooh, I wonder if this would work. Seems to hit the “slightly over 4 inches across” spot…

Those options would certainly work and be much easier. This whole endeavor is like most tinkering anyone does. It boils down to what’s available in your home, what you can obtain right away locally, or what you have to wait to be shipped. Then it is how much duct tape, glue, staples/nails/screws, or welding is needed. If you are lucky, someone has already done the Dr. Frankenstein experimentation and you can learn from their monster.

Let’s just say that the roof of my workshop opens up to extend lightening rods for my odd inventions regularly.

Dr. Z.


Thank you for the experimentation! :slight_smile: