Pressure Wackiness (solved)

Here are the actual temp & pressure plots for this morning. I think the pattern in both is quite obvious. These pretty much mirror what occurs every day on both Airs as well as my friend’s unit. At this point I’m just leaving it to the tech guys. I’m sure they’ll see what’s going on. :slight_smile:
image image

Finally, this is the nearby area airport that mirrors what virtually every other trusted station in my area shows. Note that pressure rose only .02” during the 3 hour time period.
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i looked at weatherflow stations in your neighborhood and they all show almost identical graphs, except yours which shows some daily humps. if there is nothing in your neighborhood that might actually cause this (something with a fan perhaps), I would say you have to ask support to look at your unit.

Crazy suggestion - Can you bring that Air inside today and let’s see what the barometer does tomorrow morning at constant indoor temperatures???

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I don’t have any of those giant Hollywood-type fans to produce hurricane force winds! :wink:

No fans at all…especially in this frigid weather.

vreihen, not crazy at all! I was thinking about that yesterday. I have 2 Airs and I was thinking of bringing the newer one in. That would totally unhinge temperature as an issue. But if it is temperature, it would be difficult to explain all the other WF stations in my area that are also exposed to temperature. But I think I will do it. It’s an excellent ‘control’.

The only thing I see at 6234 is his elevation is set at 55.5 meters and the Air is sitting on the ground.

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Gary, it’s interesting you can tell it’s sitting on the ground. I assume you’re using his ‘Height above ground’ setting which I can’t see and you may have access to. I just got off the phone with him and based on his temperature that was running 5 degrees colder than his VP2, I told him his location, wherever it was, was influencing accuracy. So it turns out he did have it sitting on a panel on the ground on the shady side of his house. Once he moved it off the ground (about 15 minutes ago), his temperature is now in line with his VP2.

I just moved my Air2 into the house. I’m very interested to see how this impacts the pressure readings.

As I look about 10 minutes after I’ve moved the Air2, almost predictably, the pressure is shooting up in response to the warmer house temperatures. Really very weird.

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That’s good news. At least that one issue was cause by an operator error and has been corrected. Let’s hope we can find solutions to the other issues.

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Maybe a factory worker forgot to take the wrapping off the pressure sensor before installation. :rofl:


Didn’t I suspect that with another person’s problem last summer???

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Did you and was is confirmed?

Well tonight will be a big test for the Air I moved indoors. ‘Unfortunately’ I’ll be at a Super Bowl party, but I’ll keep an eye on the app. The big question is how does tech support proceed if my indoor Air maintains good pressure accuracy and the outdoor Air does not, continuing its wild fluctuations.

Thus far, indoors and settled, it’s been perfect, but it’s early. My outdoor unit, not so much. We’ll see later.

As an aside, are you guys serious about the wrapper not having been taken off the pressure sensor? If so, how would that explain some of the behavior I’ve been seeing…as well as my friend’s pressure readings? That would be 3 wrappers not removed. :slight_smile:

BTW, his unit hit an astounding 31.52” today. I was actually laughing. He claimed he was getting a headache from the high pressure. :wink:

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If you have defective hardware it will be replaced.

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We will not rest until you are happy with your weather station, Ken!

As @vreihen has theorized, it looks like your pressure sensor (and your friend’s) may have an issue with the internal temperature compensation of the BMP280. We’ve seen a few others with this issue, but of the 2000+ units out there it’s been extremely rare. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, and it would be crazy unlucky (or indicative of a wider issue) if that’s what’s going on with these three AIR units. However, if that’s the case, rest assured you and your friend will both get a shiny new AIR. Give us a few days to pour over the data and see what it says. Thanks!


David, you guys are the best, much appreciated. Thus far the unit I moved indoors has been perfect. We’ll see what happens at the bewitching hour of 7, but indoors, with no temperature changes, I’m betting it’s fine.

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that pressure is tied to temperature with my units. We got home tonight at 10pm, at which time I went over to my Air 2 unit to check out the readings during the evening on the iPad located right next to it. From the time I left until I got home, the pressure was absolutely steady. However as I stood there, my proximity to the Air 2 resulted in a rise in temperature and a concurrent increase in pressure. In fact from 10pm to 10:13pm, the pressure went from 30.13" to 30.26". Just standing next to it resulted in a significant enough temperature change to elicit a significant increase in pressure.

As I moved away from the Air, for the next 15-20 minutes the pressure began to decrease.

Wild stuff.

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Clearly your Air devices have been possessed by alien lifeforms that get nervous when you are near.


My thoughts exactly! :alien:

Just for fun here’s my Air 2, now located in the house, responding to my heating system cycling on and off. With each episode of a temperature increase as the heat turns on, so goes the pressure. Pressure would rise .13” only to fall back down to the actual pressure once the heating system turned off and the temperature dropped. You can even see the greater pressure rise as our smart thermostat cycles to its next program of a greater temperature increase at about 6am. Actual pressure changes in our area were .01” at most, with a mostly steady barometer throughout this time period.