Pressure to high

I checked my station height, and height above ground, everything is setup correct.
Still my readings are always about 4 hpa higher as surrounding stations.

You can see it here :

Here I compare the pressure with 4 surrounding stations at less then 20km.

This is my station :

Hello Erwin
just checked against Kleine Brogel and indeed yours is showing to high. There was a little calibration recently but clearly not yet enough. Knowing the continuous calibration will come every x time, might be a little longer before it aligns. No one can know when it will happen again but if it takes to long do open a support ticket. They can ask for a manual intervention though it will take some time since support is not yet back on track.
Maybe let it run for a week or two and see if it gets better. It should in any case.
Beste groeten

I filed a support request, so let’s wait.
I did some testing, and when I set the stations altitude to 0m (sea level), the values are correct… In the tempest UI, and in WeatherUnderground, not when it’s sent to my website or AWEKAS with WeeWX
So it has something to do we station pressure <> sealevel pressure, I think…

Make sure you set the elevation values back to the correct settings so WF knows what they are working with.

Sure, I already got a mail back from support. They looked at it, and saw the difference. There was a calibration on the 24th, but this didn’t help, so they are investigating it. I’ll keep this issue updated.

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Meanwhile Support looked at my station and was able to fix the issue, within a few days, So i’m very happy with them !

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