Pressure sensor failed less than 3 days online

Sent in a ticket on Thursday and no reply as yet.
Tried turning off the power to the unit and hub, waited a while and on again for 5 mins sensor was all ok then pressure sensor failure again.
Is there anything more I can do from here?

Also in graph mode it only shows pressure at sea level. I live in Switzerland so no sea close to me and I’m at 566m above sea level so I would like to see Station pressure and sea on the same graph? Is that possible?

hi Paul,

welcome. Sorry that the unit failed so quickly. Support will take care of this.
With respect to pressure, local station pressure is only useful when you want to calibrate your altimeter when standing next to a station (which is good for planes, climbers etc). But when you do that you only need the latest measurement (not a graph).

If you want to compare it to any other station in your neighborhood (or worldwide), you’ll have to compensate for the difference in height between your station and the other station. That is why sealevel pressure is used.

For checknig if there is a sudden change in pressure, a graph is very useful, but (depending on the model used) the graphs for station pressure and for sealevel pressure look the same, it is just a vertical shift of the graph.

Hi Paul,
You can see your station pressure below the forecast on your web page. If you change my station number to your station number on this link you can scroll down and read your current station pressure:
This is my current reading:

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hi Sunny
Thanks for the info.
From here if we go to the west it’s 880km accros France and off to the east we have the Alps then Italy to the sea as the crow flys 377km so the pressure at sea level could change and we would not feel a change.
I go boating with my motorboat and like to see how the weather is for the lakes here, it can be sunny and no wind at home but at my boats mooring rain and gale force winds.
That’s why I asked for local as in the here and now and less of what might be in a day or two.

Thanks for your reply Ian.
Mine is 31949 just put it back outside to it will be cooling down again.
As for pressure I get - - - or a very low reading of 796 hPa or so at sea level so I don’t know where it’s getting that info


sure, I understand that the sea is far away from your location. It is only called sealevel pressure, as that is what people agreed upon, when sharing and comparing pressure, even when not near sea. It is the trend that might give you some hint about the local weather.

your unit seemed to have worked fine until november 19. I don’t know what happened, but it looks broken to me. As mentioned support will take care of you. Just wait a bit.

Your barometric sensor appears faulty so I am not sure if your altitude has been set correctly or something else is also faulty?
Support will hopefully sort you out but they will take some days backlog to get to you.
Just to be sure that you understand the different pressure readings see ‘Mean sea level pressure’ here:

compared to ‘surface pressure’
And in your App there were two heights that need to be correct. There is a height for your station which is probably taken from the map of your location and another height for how high above ground you mount the Tempest which may default at 6m.
Best of luck with support, they are very good so they will get it fixed.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: