Pressure Meter on App reads zero

My little pressure dial always reads zero on the android app but not on the web app. What does that mean ? Pressure numbers are same all around OK.

I run Windows 10, LG Astro 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Station# 10906.

Meter reads zero on both phones.

I have reported this several times.

Can you tell me exactly what that little dial is supposed to indicate ?


Thanks, Dave. We’re aware of this bug but haven’t tracked it down and fixed it yet.

FYI, the little gauge graphic is designed as simple qualitative indicator to give you a sense of whether the current sea-level pressure reading is higher or lower than “normal”. The needle should point up (12 o’clock) around 1013 mbar (29.9 inHg). It should be pegged to the low (left) end at 983mbar or lower and pegged to the high (right) end at 1043 mbar or greater. This is somewhat arbitrary - the gauge is NOT designed to be a good way to tell what the actual pressure reading is - it’s just a qualitative guide.