Power save status

it would be nice if on the status page ( https://tempestwx.com/settings/station/33745/status ) there was some indication in which power save mode the unit was (the voltage isn’t a totally reliable variable as there is some deliberate hysteresis build in)

In addition to having the current power mode listed in the status. Could we also have on the battery card an alternate axis graph of the power mode history?

That way you can see current and historical power mode. I find I’ve taken to counting to three (or 6) misissippis while watching wind card to quickly judge what power mode its in.

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agreed, the battery card could also be a good place to show the powersave mode, perhaps even better than the status. Just where it reads “good” or “low” on the battery card, there could be an extra line that tells us the the powersave mode it currently is using. Though I’m not sure if a graph would be helpful, as that is probably only good for debugging the system, not so much informative for everyday use.

How about a battery “state” descriptor that is related to the voltage-controlled sampling rate. For example “full” for VDC > 2.455 and descending through “good” and “low” to “minimal” for VDC < 2.355. The current battery voltage is informative. However, I’m much more interested in how recent changes in battery voltage affect the sampling rate.

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you might want to vote for an existing request Power save status

Hi @gmpadt. Great suggestions for the descriptors. I moved your feature request here since it is the same, as @sunny pointed out, and it adds to it. Be sure to go to the top of the topic and click the Vote button to add your vote.


I’ve counted Mississippis also. An indicator of power status would be preferable.