Power Save Mode - toggle button does not save - ios app

Just noted that turning on Power Save on my Sky (ios app) does not save the settings - I turn it on, go back, click save and when i go back its still off. My rapid_wind via udp does not seem to be 3 seconds to i was checking to see if i could toggle power save on and off…


Station 2701 (if that helps)

remember it takes some time before the setting is passed back to your hub and sky, can take a few minutes before it is really actively toggled on the device.
The change travels a few thousand kilometers back and forth


As @eric stated it takes time. Up to two minutes to fully propagate through all the services.

Yep i know it takes time - the problem is - mine does not set - if i toggle power save on, when i go back its set to off, yet my updates via udp are every 12 or so seconds. So it does not seem to be taking any settings via the app (as far as i can tell)…


have you tried via the web interface instead ?

Also what version of the app do you have on the iPhone, latest available ?

Sounds like the PowerSave option IS working, but the toggle is just not staying set in the app. Correct?

Yep it seems like the toggle is not working on the app.

Thanks for the web suggestions - I have toggled via the web interface - currently set to off but my updates are unchanged, so every 12 seconds. I seem to be stuck in power save mode…


@anon84912554 hey guys, can you have a look under the hood of Andy’s station please ? Something fishy going on seems. (station 2701)

Please post the phone version, os version and the exact WeatherFlow application version. @anon84912554 should be able to help you once they have that information.

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Sure - ios 12.1.2

WF app - v2.44 (190)

Firmware Revision 42



Thanks, Andy. The setting should stay “set” in your app even though it may take a few minutes before your SKY receives it. We’ll check it out!

A quick update - a power cycle to the hub fixed the settings of the power save.

However -with power save toggles either on or off, i only get updates every 15 seconds on udp - seems to be stuck in power save mode.

Would an on/off (open the battery compartment) of the main sky unit reset it to 3 seconds?


An addition on my part - i have moved the sky closer, flipped the batteries and no joy - still stuck on 15 second updates, also deleted and reinstalled the app. Below is the info for the sky (not sure what the last observation via app is but that is last year)…




We made a few backend changes. It appears that your SKY is back to sending 3 second readings as expected. If you would like to go back to 15 second readings you should be able to utilize the app or the website and toggle the setting as desired.

Thanks again and please let us know if you continue to experience an issue.


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Fantastic thanks - yep its now back reporting every 3 seconds.

Really appreciated,


Hi Andy

I too was experiencing that excat issue, the app was not saving the selection. I needed to delete the app and reinstall it, noticed you did that as well, for me it worked like a charm.



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