Power Booster question

This might be a dumb question but…

As I understand it, the Tempest sends a “message” to the PBA when to start charging and when to stop charging.

Where is the computer chip (or whatever it is) located in the PBA? Is it in the “wafer” near the tempest or is it located in the battery compartment?

I am trying to figure out some unexpected behaviors.

It is in the battery compartment. The wafer is merely part of the “extension cord.” If the power is from an external source the Tempest sensor will basically stay at full charge. On battery, it is supposed to charge up then wait to charge again until the Tempest battery voltage drops to somewhere around 2.4V and then charge up again.

thanks… that explains a lot.

I had issues with constant charging with the PBA.

I replaced the tempest (warranty) and the PBA but did not think the battery compartment was a “smart” one… .so I left it the same compartment after the replacement. Had the same problem. When I replaced the compartment… it now seems to be working…

Thanks again.

So the PBA will recharge the Tempest battery to its full level and then stop recharging until the Tempest battery drops back below some minimum level.
That’s if the PBA is powered by lithium batteries.

Over the weekend I connected the PBA (powered from 240V) to one of our Tempest stations, and the battery that was already at critical limits started charging properly.

However, since then, the battery in the Tempest is still at 2.81 Volts.
Does this mean that if the PBA is powered from using the AC adapter (240V) the battery in the Tempest somehow gets disconnected and the Tempest is permanently powered directly from the PBA?

I guess it would be logical, so as not to unnecessarily repeat the charging cycles of the battery in the Tempest…

YES. when connected to a power source… it will maintain max voltage.


I have mine with a smart plug so I just give it a boost (remotely) for 2& a half hrs when I want (during gloomy weather). So when it’s about 2.5V it’ll go back up over 2.6V.

The battery in the Tempest is not disconnected in this scenario. The battery is always connected. It is merely that the discharge rate of the battery is at zero once it reaches full. The net effect is that the energy from the booster goes to powering the Tempest while the battery is held at full charge.