Power Booster PoE Support

My Tempest system that I’ve had for a few years has been failing to charge enough to stay running. I’m hoping it’s just the time of year and not an issue with the device, so I’m considering picking up the power booster. I read that it uses an RJ45 cable for power. Does it support Power Over Ethernet (PoE)? If so, that would be perfect, as I already have the means to install PoE cabling. Otherwise I’m worried that it’s going to be a hassle to deal with batteries or find an outlet as my unit is on the roof.

It does not support PoE. The connection between the battery compartment/power adapter box to the wafer uses an RJ45 connector. When using internal batteries in the PBA, the Tempest only charges when the Tempest battery gets to about 2.45V, when on external power to the PBA, the Tempest is fully charged and stays at that point as long as external power is present.

FWIW, I posted the pin-outs in this thread: https://community.weatherflow.com/t/power-booster-for-tempest-owners/15712/94?u=gizmoev

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That’s a shame, but thanks for the reply. Is the cable connection on the wafer also a standard RJ45 connection? Can we swap it out for a different CAT5/6 cable in other words? If so, I guess I could at least run the cable down into the house rather than having to worry about locating it outdoors.

They are selling a 30 foot extension cable for probably less than a CAT-5/6 cable in the same length:


The spools in my basement are free! :grin:

The cable is a standard CAT-6 flat cable. It is permanently mounted to the wafer with a RJ45 on the other end. You would need a water proof coupler to connect to the end and extend it. For $10 you can get the 30 foot extension @vreihen linked above, which includes the waterproof coupling with cable gaskets for flat cable. I assume the cable is outdoor rated, too.