Power booster plug-in

Hello, is it ok to use an extension cord for the tempest plug in power booster? In order to reach my electric on my deck. Thanks

I have used an extension cord with my Power Booser AC adapter plugged into the control box for the past couple of years without any problems. The AC adapter is plugged into the Receiver end of the extension cord. . .and if there is a threat of precip (rain, drizzle or snow) then I wrap up the control box and the AC adapter and the receiver end of the extension cord in a double plastic bag (like you get at a store for shopping). . .to keep it dry. The Tempest(s) will “booster-up” to max voltage of 2.81v in about 4.5 hours.

FWIW, there are extension cords for the PBA in case you want to mount the battery box close to your power source.

Ignoring the nice connectors, is there anything different here than a cat6 cable and some RJ45 couplers wrapped nicely with electrical tape ? It’s just really a PoE extension cable isn’t it ?

Last month, I bought a 15-foot ethernet M-F extension cable to extend an OBD-II cable for a new electronic gauge thingy in my road trip vehicle. It cost me almost $16 on Amazon. Call me silly for suggesting it, but I suspect that WF is selling these 30-foot extensions at a loss…

There is no electrical tape! Not sure where you get that idea. They are flat CAT-6 cables with the appropriate glands to match in the coupling sealer. I agree with @vreihen, I don’t think WF is really making money on these.

guys - I wasn’t speculating about profitability and certainly didn’t mean to imply tape was needed. I was just asking an electrical question. Is the cable just a regular PoE compatible ethernet cable with weatherproof connectors on it ? The answer seems to be yes. Cool.

FWIW the reason I asked is that I have an unused Reolink camera solar panel that worked ‘perfectly’ all winter powering the matching Reolink camera. The camera is junk actually for my needs so I removed it, but I was wondering if I can repurpose it to drive small PoE type boxes (pi or arduino or whatever). I saw the connectors on the WF cable and noticed the similarily to the Reolink cables. Nothing more.

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